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cass, can you not

A fun tidbit from The Social Order of the Underworld (which is otherwise quite bleak)

Relevant to Doc Savage fans:

Officials forbid inmates from sending mail or calling each other. They can use pay phones, but officials often monitor and record these conversations. Many gang members learn obscure languages to obfuscate their discussions, such as the ancient Aztec language Nahuatl.

(Alright, it's Nahuatl instead of Mayan, but the principle remains.)
cass, can you not

Somewhere, Bruce is feeling vaguely ill

Too, Doc never took human life if it could be avoided. His enemies, however, had a distressing habit of coming to an untimely but deserved end in traps they had themselves set for the bronze man.

Kenneth Roberson, "The Phantom City"

This doesn't become sufficiently creepy until you realize that Doc is smart enough for this to be anything but ananke. He could be a serial killer (he could be any number of things)(he is already a serial brainwasher) in a more or less conscious level, and nobody in his world (and perhaps not even us) would know.
cass, can you not

Lovely Doc Savage canon

The arrival of the police, who seized the prisoners, was not a part of Doc's plan.
The bronze man had an institution for curing criminals--the cure was rather
unusual--in up-State New York, where he had planned to send Hickey Older and all the

Unfortunately, the existence of the institution was a secret, so there was nothing to
do but let the police have their prisoners.

(Doc Savage's unique "college" for curing criminals has been made use of many times
previously. It is located in a remote section of up-State New York, and patients
taken to it first undergo a delicate brain operation which wipes out all memory of
the past. Following this, they receive training which equips them to earn a living.
Accordingly, criminals who are graduated from the unusual "college" have no knowledge
of their shady past, and no desire to return to crime.)

From The Awful Egg, where there is no textual notion at all that there might be something questionable about any of this and, in fact, it barely merits a casual note.

Doc Savage: nastier than Simon Spector, crazier than Bruce Wayne, only half as superhuman as Axel Brass, but twice the public menace. And everybody in his world loves him.