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cass, can you not

an accidental fic: Kids' Game

It started as a snippet, but evil people put ideas in my head, and I ended up posting five different snippets in about 24 hours. It's actually a fic, but I didn't realize it until I was told, and by then it was too late.

Kids' Game. PG13, AU with a *big* A.

Note: Te posted (at the end of Look around round) a chat log that included this fragment:

Mary: I wonder if eventually the timeline will be so mashed that they were all thirteen at the same time.
Te: *DIES*
Mary: Including Bruce.

In conclusion: none of this is my fault.

Link to the first snippet

Link to the second snippet

Link to the third snippet

Link to the fourth snippet

Link to the fifth snippet

ETA: Anybody would want to beta the whole thing? I know, horses and barn doors, but still.