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Titans S1E6

Alright, so far the series is

  • About 40% Dick still being unable to cope with the psychological damage of the Robin training and lifestyle, a damage subsequent and unrelated to the murder of his parents. AFAIK this is the first time I've seen that issue discussed — not the damage due to what's done to you because you're Robin, but the damage due to what you can and do because you're Robin — and it's very much a realistic one.

  • About 20% everybody else's issues, from Rachel's quite serious "I'm haunted and also hunted" to Kory's well-balanced response to being an amnesiac badass with superpowers.

  • About 20% slightly fluffy found family stuff.

  • About 20% creepy bad guys.

One one hand I'm a bit disappointed about the Dick-centered storyline (I almost wrote "phallocentric," but we all dodged that bullet), while recognizing the Doylean sense of it. On the other hand, it might be the most interesting take I've seen on the Robin-to-Nightwing transition, not that the latter has been mentioned yet, and the one who reflects best on Dick. Instead of a not unrealistic but a bit, well, unnecessarily angry wanting to get out of Bruce's shadow/finding himself/etc. (not that being a teenager under Bruce's theoretical care doesn't explain and justify any number of emotional handicaps during adulthood), we have a young adult realizing that he was, at the very least, *allowed* a lifestyle with a tremendous psychological cost and absolutely no support system in that area. Cops (and, I would hope, soldiers) get counseling after violent encounters, even or specially if they inflicted damage. Bruce and Dick hurt a lot of people in very painful and brutal ways from very close quarters almost every night, and never mind their own periodical brushes with death, and although Bruce probably has an MRI machine in the Cave and keeps their bodies as close to healthy as their lifestyles allows, neither of them got the therapy they needed. Bruce might be wounded enough that the added damage barely registers, but Dick (or at least *this* Dick) wasn't, and by the time he knew well enough to understand the cost of being Robin, the training and damage were literally bone deep.

If nothing else, and Titans is a few other things as well, it's a quite interesting and often extremely and brutally visual indictment of the Batman MO. The violence looks cool, and they are all badasses, but it's also shot in a way that lets you know it's ugly and hurtful and in some ways *diminishes* them, and then you have Dick saying it very explicitly.
cass, can you not

Movie paused to ask myself

... Did Dick, dressed as Batman, just comment on some katana-wielding Sisters by saying That would make them nunjas?

Yes. Yes, I think he did. Of course he did.

I think I now understand better Robin's tactical role. No matter how focused you are on following your plan, it's impossible to stay on mission when there's this kid dressed like a colorblind elf saying things like that. You just can't. You'd be aiming at Batman's back, ready to shoot, and you'd hesitate half a second too long, struggling between your cherished goal of killing Batman and your sudden, physical need to shoot that kid so he'll shut the fuck up. Must've been excruciating.

Hell, I'm sure Batman had to train himself specifically so he wouldn't stop during a fight to make sure he heard Dick say what he knows he said. Alfred probably has to deal every month with one or two young orphans bent on revenge who have crossed the world to reach Wayne Manor and learn Battle Punning at the feet of Dick Grayson.