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By the way

Is there already a DC Marriage-A-Palooza fic/fanart exchange?

I mean, I'm not particularly pro-marriage as a matter of personal choice (I'm all about making crazy romantic promises, it's the legal and religious side effects which seem to me to be unnecessarily complexifying something already quite complex, thank you very much), but there's nothing like having authority figures forbidding it to make me long for the weird ceremonies and unavoidable alien attack/kidnapping attempt.

PS: Anybody remember that time in Jim and Sarah's wedding when she wore a bat-shaped pin? I'm still embarrassed about that on behalf of everybody involved.


Title: The Knight and the Monsters
Fandom: DC AU
Rating: PG13
Summary: Action. Reaction. Fighting crime is not without consequences.

There's the city. And there's you. And there's Arkham Asylum. People wonder, sometimes aloud, if each of them needs the others to be what they are.Collapse )


Title: The Book of the Long Hours
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: I don't believe this. But he wouldn't care.

The hellfire of battle, the heat of the desert sun, and hotter than both, the fury in your heart. You were born of uncommon steel, and forged in a unique fire. Far and wide you've looked for another man such as yourself. Someone to raise as a son, to crown as heir, to speak to as friend.

There has been none. Perhaps the world only intended to make you.Collapse )


Fic: Secret Identity (PG13, DC AU)

Title: Secret Identity
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DC AU

Strength, invulnerability, flight. The seduction of star reporters no matter how aloof. But are kryptonians, too, superhuman in denial?

It took a lot to get hold of the item. But following a hunch is as necessary as air and as automatic as breathing. The insanity of the hunch is not a matter of concern. If truth is owed to oneself, too, even more than truth is at stake.

Clark Kent does not like Superman very much. And, alone in his apartment's living room, he's about to open a lead box to see if he's right about why.



Fic: Birthday (PG13, DCU)

Title: Birthday
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Author Notes: Some things are eternal. The time and some of the characters are best left at the pleasure of the reader. Written for sockich's birthday; she deserves as much fic and Alfred's chocolate cake as she might want.

Alfred lighted the candle, placing it flawlessly at the very center of the small chocolate cake. If someone's unknown whereabouts and possible death were to stop him from celebrating their birthday, he would hardly have an opportunity do so anymore.Collapse )


Fic: The Wait and the Plan (PG13, DCU)

Title: The Wait and the Plan
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU

You wait for our plans to subjugate the world --- and you stop them.Collapse )



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