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Apologies for all the random Daredevil thoughts

I keep thinking what a great kingpin Matt could have been. Not in the sense of the comics' Daredevil-as-Kingpin storyline, which was basically "Daredevil hits people until they leave," but as a Fisk-like character. If he dedicated himself to it, he could know every secret whispered in the city. He knows when people lie (hell, he knows pretty much everything about everyone he meets or walks past). He's obviously book-smart.

If he weren't blindly (heh) following the footsteps of both his father figures at the same time (and thus becoming the only ninja in the world who tries to outlast opponents in a heads-on exchange of damage)(I'm not counting here those of the Maybe Wolverine Will Die And Stay Dead This Time Dojo), he could be the city's most feared and richest attorney, as well as blackmail, coerce, and bribe whoever he needs to, leveraging the secrets he overhears during his business engagements in key places all over the city, or (literally) listening to people's hearts. He could be a Grendel-like figure, whispering orders and plans from the dark to his minions high and low in the city's hierarchies, knowing things nobody should know, and using them both to terrify his pawns and to destroy his enemies.

There was this time in comics after Matt's identity was exposed — maybe I should be more specific — when Nick Fury offered to make him disappear and become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. I don't recall it exactly, but Fury said something about Matt becoming an asset due to his fighting skills, which are great, his enhanced senses, which are also great, and his "tactical lawyer brain," which I think Fury was bullshitting about. A lawyer brain Matt might have (at least in comics, in the series I still have to see it), but no part of Matt is or has ever been tactical. He's very good at taking a lot of damage, physical and otherwise, and still keep going on, and has a tendency to kick the board when trapped into a corner, but his larger plans don't usually work very well (when he has them, which isn't often), and he's not good at detecting and escaping other people's.

So, maybe I'll be proved wrong by the remaining episodes of the series, but for now I have to say that my Whispering Man Matt AU just doesn't fit his cognitive style, and leave it at that.
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Another random Daredevil thing

The police siege sequence was so similar to the one in Batman: Year One that I found myself expecting Matt to save a cat along the way.

The profoundly different ways in which they went have of course strong Doylean reasons, but one Watsonian way to put them would be: there's no Wilson Fisk in Gotham City. Or rather, Gotham City's Wilson Fisk is Bruce Wayne, which does tend to make things easier for Batman. Clark would have the same problem with Luthor, were it not for his nearly-universal messianic appeal and his ridiculously high power levels.
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On Daredevil's latest costume change

Never change, Matt, you beautiful insane person.

He has either the best or worst secret identity management skills in the business.This has lead to some of his friends suffering, but, to be fair, this also happens a lot to his more secretive colleagues. In a world full of cameras and databases, there's much to be said for the open, humorous approach.

I mean, can you imagine Clark Kent doing that? Granted, he has much more powerful enemies, and it wouldn't be compatible with either Superman or Clark's public images as they currently stand — you can't really be Superman (I thought about using words like "the world's most beloved superhero", "iconic", etc, but, no, the right phrase is "you can't be Superman", which is both all of this and more) if people know you have a day job and lived in Smallville, USA. Hell, the US would reinstate mandatory military service just to get to give him orders.

So, really, there are practical issues to this idea. Bruce could be an open Batman more easily. He breaks the law every night, but have you seen his lawyer pool? If Luthor gets away with trying to take over the world every other week, Wayne would definitely get away with saving people all the time. Plus, most of his big enemies already know who he is, so that cat (pun not intended) has left the bag.

But Bruce, professional trinity-level badass that he is, doesn't have the kind of godlike power Clark does. Nobody particularly wants to use him, either as weapon or for propaganda; if anything, they'd like him to go the hell away.
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You've got to be kidding me

One of the stories in Daredevil 1.50 (the 50th anniversary issue) shows Matt and Foggy watching an old video of Matt pretending to be his non-existing twin brother Mike, which very publicly admitted to being Daredevil. This was par for the course for Matt's rather bizarre approach to secret identity management (swear, between this and his "I'm not Daredevil" t-shirt...).

Now, near the end of the story, "Mike" gives a few hints of wisdom. Let me quote two:

  • Criminals are a superstitious, cowardly lot! Dress accordingly!

  • No matter how bad things get, Spider-Man's life is always worse! Always!