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cass, can you not

Justice League: Crisis on two Earths

Also known as the one where Bruce gets kicked around a *lot*, yet still manages to come off as the baddest badass there is. Seriously; half of the time I winced for poor Bruce, but a couple of times he was stone-cold *nasty*.

And that's the good one. Owlman? Owlman is so far on the other side of the line, it's a good thing there's interdimensional travel in this story.

Aside from plot holes the size of small galactic clusters, this movie is basically 40% Batman/Owlman badassery and insanity, 30% Wonder Woman/Superwoman badassery and nastiness, 10% love scenes (the first, and perhaps the best one, is Lex's, and that's with his clothes on), and 20% people fighting, bitching, or slapping each other.