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What? Me, cynic?

World needs climate emergency backup plan, says expert

In submitted testimony to the British Parliament, climate scientist Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution said that while steep cuts in carbon emissions are essential to stabilizing global climate, there also needs to be a backup plan. Geoengineering solutions such as injecting dust into the atmosphere are risky, but may become necessary if emissions cuts are insufficient to stave off catastrophic warming. He urged that research into the pros and cons of geoengineering be made a high priority.


"Only fools find joy in the prospect of climate engineering. It's also foolish to think that risk of significant climate damage can be denied or wished away," he said. "Perhaps we can depend on the transcendent human capacity for self-sacrifice when faced with unprecedented, shared, long-term risk, and therefore can depend on future reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. But just in case, we'd better have a plan."

(Emphasis mine)

"Only fools find joy in the prospect of climate engineering"[*] is a very important thing to keep in mind. But it's also true that, while "perhaps we can depend on the trascendent human capacity for self-sacrifice when faced with unprecedented, shared, long-term risk," *laughs, coughs* we "better have a plan." You know, "just in case."

[*] Joy? No. But I confess a certain thrill. Can you blame me?

ETA of fun: Ex-Intel techie accused of $1 bn theft. Notes: a) He didn't have the chance to monetize it. b) Actually, it'd have required quite a careful orchestration (although it'd make, say, one hell of a comic or miniseries). c) IP theft is kind of difficult to measure anyway; it's obvious that, best case, he was never going to be able to turn those files into anything close to a billion. A few millions tops, maybe ten or twenty if AMD got unscrupulous enough. d) Nonetheless, attempting to steal a billion dollars worth of anything is by itself an impressive feat (cue references to financial markets).


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