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Here's the list of works. Mine is Not Human, arguably the first The Black Monday Murders fanfic).

The Multiverse is here again

Multiverse 2009 Prompt Claiming Post. Note that there have been some changes on the mechanics this time.

I already asked for three prompts, because I'm 'smart' like that.

Artists, Writers, Middlefen: Assemble!

Art Crawl! Fic Crawl! Filk Crawl!

Why not all of them?

tigerbright has just created ficandartcrawl. The rules are simple: create something that Wendy, Lacey or their friends would have created, and post it on the comm on January 30. While Middleman-inspired, it's by no means a Middleman-only challenge. It's for Art! (the exclamation point and the implied 'whoo!' at the end are mandatory).

And what's better than art?

So pimp it out, BNFs, sort-of-BNFs, people with a lot of friends and people with only a couple of them; word of mouth, emailed links, little asides on chat porn. Pass the spirit of 'Art Crawl!' through and outside the Middlefandom.

And, as usually, remember to always ask yourself: What Would Wendy and Lacey Do?
I wrote Objects in Rest (B5/Firefly) and Where the sands meet the sky (Dune/Aliens).



Just posted the last of my Simon Spector psych_30 fics. Prompts table here.

It was fun. Insane, but fun.


New banner!

Isn't it gorgeous?

philosophy_20 challenge: Justice League


My Justice League philosophy_20 fic table is here

My overall impression? I'm not sure I could successfully step outside the legend and look at it from a distance, so to speak. One day I might have to do this again.

Of all the insane things I've done...

This isn't the craziest, but it still makes me wonder what the hell I was thinking.

Here's the deal. Remember Apparat? It was a Warren Ellis project: a comics company that doesn't exist, publishing the first issues of four books that would exist right now, had superheroes as we know them never been created. Comics from an alternate Earth.

One of them was Simon Spector. He's a black, crazy, public, violent Bruce Wayne - think Doc Savage meeting Nighthawk and convincing him to dress like Ambrose Chase. He's usually a genius, and has invented a pill who makes him supersmart for a few minutes, taking a week out of his lifespan in the deal. He has a bodyguard, because he doesn't know non-lethal fighting styles, and a personal physician, because he keeps breaking up himself to help other people.

He's kind of cartoonish in a yes-you've-written-this-before,-Warren sort of way, but he also hits a lot of my buttons at once. Doc Savage with nootropics! Guns forged with his parents' wedding rings! He has his own skyscraper! The potential, I felt, was there.

And so was born this ridiculous plan: to complete a psych_30 challenge for a character (and an universe) that has exactly one issue of canon.

As Calvin said, I must obey the inscrutable exhortations of my soul.

Prompts table under the cut.Collapse )



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