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Entries by tag: cass fic

Title: Do you...?
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU, pre-52, pre-a lot of things, really.
Author Notes: Remember when I used to post silly, unbetaed, hastily written Cass/Tim fic? I started thinking about marriage fics, and suddenly I was about seven years younger and smiling like a loon. Think of it as a very personal and nostalgic Lord King Bad.

Cassandra looked surprised for a few seconds, and then said "I do." Those were the first words she had said since the beginning of the relaxingly forgettable romance movie.

That's not how it works! thought Tim. It's just a movie. That's not a real priest, and he was asking the character anyway. Clearly and deliberately, he said nothing and didn't look at Cassandra while Ben Affleck's character echoed her words.

Cassandra's sudden smile was the largest, brightest he had ever seen. Tim couldn't avoid smiling back, even while a voice in his mind protested I didn't say anything! Sure, if our lives were different I *would*, but

Her kiss was as definitive as any deduction he had ever made, and Tim realized he would never be able to lie to his wife.


Ficlet: Light (DCU, PG13)

Title: Light
Rating: PG13
Fandom: A very timeline-mixed DCU.
Summary: It's the JLA's job to save both entire worlds and individual lives. Sometimes it works the other way, too.
Author Notes: The JLA is from Morrison's early run, the rest of the world is just about pre-OYL.
Realization: That didn't look as crazy in my head as it does on the screen.

It was fitting for them to fight as the so-called heroes and villains raged across the skies in yet another meaningless battle. They alone, flesh and blood, knew of death.Collapse )
Title: All The Living Who Walk Under the Sun
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DC AU, with toonverse overtones.
Summary: After running away, Cass lived for a while on the streets.
Author Notes: katarik asked for something; I don't think it was quite this, but what can I do? Cass usually brings the fluff out of me.

She knew who he was since the first time she saw him.Collapse )

Ficlet: Night of Peace (DCU, PG13)

Title: Night of Peace
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: It's not a Christmas tradition for Batgirl, but it is a tradition.
Author Notes: Written for kiezh, although it might not be exactly as requested. It more or less assumes the reader is familiar with this scan.

It was many years later.Collapse )


A Christmas ficlet for cosmicastaway.

Title: To Fall Willingly Into Your Embrace
Rating: PG18 on the outside
Fandom: DCU
Summary: Seduction works at many levels.
Author Notes: Current Teen Titans continuity, more or less. Inspired by jadecaptain. Many thanks to katarik for beta - any remaining mistakes, I wrote in just before posting.

If he were alive, Kon would have loved to watch this.Collapse )

Fic:Spin-off (DCU, PG13, AU)

Title: Spin-off
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: If this had a plot, it wouldn't be what it was. But Cass and J'onn are good thinking on their feet.
Author notes: Just for the sheer hell of it. 52 AU.

It was a pause.Collapse )

Fic: Carving (DCU, R, AU)

Title: Carving
Summary: It's Cass/Slade. I think that counts as both summary and warning.
Rating: R, but if you know Slade and Cass at all, your brain will be happy to provide the NC-17 on request.
Notes: Post-Robin #150 AU.

Special thanks to katarik for inspiration, beta, and general awesomeness.

Daughter daughter whistle
And you shall have a sheep

(English traditional verse, Anon.)

It's exactly the contract he wouldn't have expected.Collapse )

Ficlet: Hannibal's Embrace (DCU, AU, R)

katarik wanted Rose/Cass. I did what I could.

Rating: R for sexual content. But, frankly, there is more porn in *icons* than in this.
Notes: Post-The Big OOC for Cass.

It's a fight. Everything is a fight.Collapse )

Rationalization - Cassandra, PG13

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Under the red skies
Characters: Cassandra, others
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #21, Rationalization
Word Count: About a hundred words.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: A prequel to Like a spoke of the hubless wheel and Whisper.

That first sound is not the part that'll give you nightmares later.Collapse )

Learned Helplessness - Cassandra, PG13

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Practice makes perfect
Characters: Cassandra, Cain
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #20, Learned Helplessness
Word Count: About a hundred words.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: Near the end of Batgirl #59, Cass gives us another bit of information about Cain's training program. It's not a nice image.

Don't evade the bullet and don't flinchCollapse )


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