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Quick rec

The King-Size Cable Spectacular #1 is actually quite good; it shows -in an indirect and limited way- what sets Nathan apart from most other characters, the sheer scope of how he thinks (of course, this was best seen in the last and very awesome Cable/Deadpool issues of Cable/Deadpool).

It's not Bester's The Men Who Murdered Mohammed, but then, nothing is.
cass, can you not

For the record

Nathan is insane and evilish, and should really, *really* stop trying to do social engineering.

In an unrelated matter, he's going to be smacked down like whoa. But just because of comics convention. I'm amazed at what Marvel has done with him in Cable/Deadpool; it's not unheard-of in comics, of course (e.g., Zenith), but in a Big Two universe... it's pretty amazing. He'll fail, but it's amazing.

That said, I like the way he thinks. *BIG* big picture, and definitely outside the comics box. Reminds me of B5's Sheridan at his best (to my eyes, the end of the Shadow War is one of the finest moments of TV sci-fi ever - Sheridan was the Arthur who sent Merlin packing away, and god dammit, but was it time we stopped following Merlins... now if we can only stop making up Arthurs...). But I ramble.

I wonder how the heck will Blood of Apocalypse (which I will probably not enjoy much) play with/into the Civil War.
cass, can you not

Cable/Deadpool 25

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In short: it was mostly the best of Cable/Deadpool. I swear, by all rights (writing, the scope of the plot, quality), Cable/Deadpool should be the flagship title of Marvel. Then I'd probably spend a lot of money on them, so perhaps that's not such a good idea.

*sigh* I just keep reminding myself that DC offed Majestic. Cable's plan will be defeated, probably yet again killing Blue Lips (yet again). Cable will be back to being cynical and ineffective. And so on and so forth.