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cass, can you not

Emergency Beta Request

Sundays aren't always good days for this, but anyway... It's a thousand words long fic for the Multiverse challenge. The prompt asks for an Aliens/Dune crossover featuring Ripley, and I wrote one, but it's just Ripley and Leto II talking about stuff, so -above and beyond my fears about characterization and voice, given the two wildly different characters- I fear it might just be boring.

And did I mention that I'm going to have a ridiculously busy week, and that the deadline for this is the 7th?

*mandatory, somewhat desperate puppy eyes* Help?
cass, can you not

Two brains in jars on the wall, two brains in jars on the wall...

I have another draft for a brains_in_a_jar fic, this time with Dexter as the brain in a jar, and Debra as the faithful sidekick ship's pilot (I lie about the sidekick part, but wouldn't that be interesting?).

Beta readers for it would be *very* appreciated; I think this fic needs more care than usual, and I'm not sure the concept works.