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cass, can you not

More DC AU... poetry *winces*

A sequel to the pseudohaiku I posted a few hours ago. I'm embarrassed, I admit it. Poetry is not something I should be attempting, at least not in public.

ETA: A paragraph of prose at the end, because the ending just didn't want to be in verse.

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cass, can you not

Batman Chronicles #05

What an issue! Oracle's first case (with a Richard Dragon cameo). Gordon has yet another close encounter with Gotham. Alfred gives wee!Bruce advice that might just possibly have a certain something to do with his future (Alfred, I love you, but you are anything but inocent, old man).

I love my crazy, wonderful Gotham people.
cass, can you not

"Cripple" my ass

It'd be petty of me to link to this, right? And completely besides the point, too. So I won't.

It'd be more realistic to consider all the ways in which the saying "cripple the bitch" would make Nightwing do things that he might or might not prettily angst about after all the violence is done. Still, not quite the point.

Overall, I think I'm not that bothered by the anti Dick/Babs thing (I mean, I think the rants show a questionable understanding of their characters and relationships, and hate comms are a waste of bits, but whatever people do in the privacy of their comms...). "I think she mistreats him, and he deserves something better" (had it been politely worded) would have been, I guess, ok (even if I'd be rather vocal arguing against that *g*).

No, what makes me think the whole thing is too ugly to be spontaneous (so I'm more icked than angry) is the "cripplethebitch" thing and the related stuff. There's character dislike, and there is sociopathic ranting. The mysoginistic violence in that -and I'm saying this as somebody who thinks comic books violence can be pretty sexy (cf Cass, Shiva, et al)- is utterly appalling. Babs was *crippled*, and, at least in the narrative framing, *raped*. You can (theoretically) not like her, but to gleefully say something like that... That goes beyond well mannered energetic fannish dissent, much in the same way in which a thing goes way, way, *way* beyond another thing.

I'd be glad if we never cross paths with that one again.
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DC Comics: Ego/Id - Tim, PG18

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Spontaneous
Characters: Tim, Barbara
Rating: PG18
Prompt: #4, Ego/Id
Word Count: About 350
Spoilers: None
Warnings: PG18 for *handwaves vaguely* let's say sex stuff.
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: This is the Tim alien sex pollen story I've *always* wanted to write. I think that should count as a warning *g*.

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ETA: I pity the fandoms without alien sex pollen. Prompt #5: Multiple Personality. Wee.
cass, can you not

fic: The way I wield you

Babs/Tim porn! (more or less)

The way I wield you

Summary: The Mission always comes first for Oracle and Robin.

Rating: NC17.

Continuity notes: Set after War Games. I assume that Oracle still works now and then with Robin.

Spoilers: None

Thanks to: brown_betty for the original bunny. marici and sageness not only betaed the hell out of this fic, but went through the trouble of teaching me stuff along the way. I'm awfully thankful to the three of them.

Feedback: Prettyplease! This is my first porn fic - I expect it to have lots of things to improve.

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