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cass, can you not

Vanity and/or aesthetics and/or conservatism and/or materialistic bibliophilia

(A) I love electronic books. Partly because they are extremely convenient, but mostly because, given my budget, geographical location, and reading interests, there's no way I could sustain my habit without the help of the scannier side of the net.

(B) I love having books around it's both aesthetically pleasing and emotionally comforting, both as a set and through the separate associations and memories of each one.

So you see the problem. My (growing) set of (electronic) books is out of sight, while my set of (physical) books is visible but mostly stalled. There are close to fifteen years of reading that are, to one degree or another, in my head and, as of late, on the book notes I post here, but not where I live, and I wish they were.

I don't really have a solution to this, but sounds like a good Datasthesia project (a vague idea would be some sort of cube, tablet,or projection that works as a dynamic, fractal index to my digital library).
cass, can you not


I've just read Junkspace, an essay/whatever by Koolhaas, which, damn it but if it's not 10% pre-collapse Ballard, 10% late vintage Gibson, 80% my experience of shopping malls, airports, and, increasingly, office life. (I confess I have a soft spot for Koolhass; I bought S, M, L, XL without knowing anything about him, OMA, or, for that matter, architecture, just fascinated by the visuals of the book and the text.)

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cass, can you not

Just Don't.

I know it's an almost superstitious reaction -specially coming from a guy with lots of ebooks- that has more to do with centuries-old traditions than with current realities, but still, AGH NO DON'T DO THAT. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU YOU CREEPY PERSON?
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