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cass, can you not

In better news

A couple days ago I went to a nocturnal guided visit to the gardens of the Museo Larreta. The place was crowded and the guide was rather bothersome, but the place was beautiful.

I don't want (or could afford) to own a place like that, but I'd love to have access to a place like that, if I could comfortable take my laptop there, have a cup of tea, etc.
cass, can you not

Random note about architecture

I think one of the most Arkham-iest Arkhams in the whole omniverse has to be the one from the LEGO Batman movie (not the IronManSucks one, the Super Heroes Unite one). Nothing says Here Be Insane like your strangely sprawling Chemically High Gothic building being supported and buttressed by very nearly building-sized human-shaped sculptures in various positions of effort and pain.
cass, can you not

Coping strategies for the modern world

Just watched the trailer for Star Trek Beyond. New life rule: as long as I consider these movies as belonging to an "action heroes in space" franchise that just happens to share its name with my much-beloved "nerds in space" franchise (isn't that a weird coincidence?), I'm a much happier person.

Speaking of things that make me happier, here are some conceptual renderings of an hypothetical 102-stories luxury residential tower in Manhattan. Now, in general terms I think the way the hyper-wealthy spend their money is becoming more and more irritating as they accumulate more of it (the tastelessness, the inhumanity, the lack of originality, the sheer megalomania... as a 90's IT person, I can't believe Bill Gates is the golden standard for moderately human use of ridiculous wealth). But this tower looks weirdly and unashamedly ominous, as opposed to the usual bland tastelessness of most luxury developments, and that's something I can get behind.

Doing good things with money should come first. But failing that, at least do things well.