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cass, can you not


Ronon is Tyr's wee dorky brother, isn't he? All rage and cute hair and "argh!". Of course Tyr would have planned things, try to barter away John and Teyla, and probably have heavier ordinance lying around, but that's what big brothers are for, right?

I've ranted far and often about the Andromeda universe's dicey morals, lazy storytelling, uber-Kirking and general decaying into Teh Stupid, but, among other things, I'll give them this: the Nietzscheans would have *liked* the Wraith. And then *eaten* them alive. Maybe literally. And between the High Guard's ridiculous firepower capabilities and the guidance of Dylan "it's only genocide if I'm not the one pulling the trigger" Hunt, the Wraith survivors would have had short but interesting lives.

Man, I miss Tyr's cheerful scheming, open disregard for almost everybody else, and wanton use of violence, betrayal, bribery and destruction. He'd have so much fun in Atlantis.