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cass, can you not

(...) So WRONG. So... NAUGHTY.

This is funny only until you realize *all* of our sexual ideals are impossible. Then it's just kind of depressing.

In vaguely related news, I've been failing at life at an ever-accelerating pace during the last few days. As a self-defeating coping mechanism cop-out anti-stress measure, I read Agent of Atlas (recommended by razorsmile, IIRC). It was a great read, and it has a certain -very appropriate- "old school" feeling that I found enjoyable. Also, I re-read All-Star Superman, which continues to be weird and awesome and, when you think about it, a reasonable extrapolation of what a world with a Superman should look like. But I haven't found any Leo Quintum/Jimmy Olsen fic, and that's just *wrong*.