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LJ, how I missed thee!

Insta-rec: A preliminary examination of potential significant others (last saved by T. Drake), by brown_betty, petronelle and ficbyzee.

A perfect combo of content, structure and awesomeness! Other people write love poems. Tim does research and organizes it into charts.


Here's Tim's POV for katarik's Lost in a circus. Only, you know, much less disturbing.

Title: A tradition in the family
Rating: PG13
Warning: It's chatfic, and I don't do chatfic well.
Summary: Dick's never done too well on his own.

Finding Dick before Bruce does has probably less to do with his relative deductive skills than with the man's unwillingness to deal with the situation.Collapse )

Seven more people Tim now has worked with

As per the comments on my last post, seven new people (in fact a bit more) that now have but one degree of separation with Kevin Bacon.

ETA: Arrr. *coughs* There.

[I think I've read a Tim-in-Atlantis fic before, but I'm not sure. I'd appreciate a link, if you know that fic.]

Rodney McKayCollapse )

President BartletCollapse )

Ra's al GhulCollapse )

ChesireCollapse )

Black MaskCollapse )

Trickster (toonverse)Collapse )

Pre-crisis Jason ToddCollapse )

ETA: Hal JordanCollapse )

More ETA:

A Highlander universe immortalCollapse )

AngelCollapse )

Mulder and ScullyCollapse )


"Would you mind bringing me a sandwich, Alvin?"

"Sure thing, Mr. Bacon," the boy said, walking through the studio as if he weren't actually looking for a disguised assassin.

* * *

With this ficlet, DC fanon has probably reached one degree of separation with Kevin Bacon, as pretty much *anybody* has worked with one version or another of Tim[1], and we now have Tim-and-Kevin-Bacon fic. I can go to bed now feeling accomplished, I reckon.

[1] If there is somebody who hasn't, drop his/her/its name on the comments and I'll write a ficlet solving the problem.[2]
[2] That's not a challenge, by the way. It's just acknowledging my utter incapability to resist prompts for fics that involve Tim working with X, for pretty much any value of X. And by "prompts," I mean "the merest hints of."


More DC AU... poetry *winces*

A sequel to the pseudohaiku I posted a few hours ago. I'm embarrassed, I admit it. Poetry is not something I should be attempting, at least not in public.

ETA: A paragraph of prose at the end, because the ending just didn't want to be in verse.

So feel free to skip this. Free verse... it never ends well.Collapse )


RotJ. Comics!Tim. I'll be under my bed.

Almost four tenths of a drabble.Collapse )


Five villains Tim Drake never worked with, even in Timfinity, requested by katarik

Disclaimer: I did a quick check of the Timfinity archive and LJ comm, my apologies if I'm accidentally replicating a premise.

Five bad, bad Timothy Drakes, but not including the one I'm not allowed to write about just yet.Collapse )


Halo Effect - Cassandra, PG13

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Over your shoulder
Characters: Cassandra, Tim
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #15, Halo Effect
Word Count: About a hundred.
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: Extrapolates the events of Batman #654 (so, vaguely spoilery for the issue, although it's not an unreasonable AU if you haven't read the issue, either).

Prey.Collapse )

Yay. Just - yay.

Look at what I got from Amanda!

psych_30 challenge: Tim Drake

It's shiny and cool and right now I feel like a million bucks. *g*

DC Comics: Denial - Tim, PG13

Fandom: DC Comics
Title: Renewal
Characters: Robin
Rating: PG13
Prompt: #30, Denial
Word Count: About a hundred
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: Don't own.
A/N: The job -Robin's job- comes first. Always.

There is a new one.Collapse )

ETA: And on that healthy and cheerful note, I'm done. Whee.


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