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Two things make two-thirds of a post

Detective Comics #1000 was unexpectedly not bad. The general tone of the stories was hopeful (or at least as hopeful as Batman stories can get), and a couple were Very Batman ones, for personal values of Batman.

Also, courtesy of Wikipedia's daily email, the Names of Istanbul page. It turns out that the official renaming from "Constantinople" to "Istambul " only happened officially in 1930, much later than I had thought. On the other hand, "Istanbul" is a variant of the Turkish for, literally, "The City", and had been the informal name in Turkish for the city since even before 1453 (and, in Greek, even before that).

Istanbul means "The City." And it has been called "the city" for a long time regardless of the language.

I'm oversimplifying and focusing on a very narrow slice of a complex and certainly ambiguous history, but, gods, isn't that something?
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Carmen Sandiego S1 finale

That was... intense. Granted, we live in an era where no type of show has an excuse to have bad writing (which isn't the same as saying that they are all well-written), but I did not expect that intensity. Props to Gina Rodriguez and the animation team.
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Two fics posted, neither to be read (for now)

Posted to AO3 my Wayback Exchange and Be The First! fics. The challenge reveals won't take place until April and May — I'll post the links then — so at least this time I'm not precisely cutting it close. (The risk, of course, is that I'll suddenly decide the fics are awful and I have to rewrite everything.)

They were both tricky, though. The Wayback Exchange one because I had to work my way around, or rather with, a very important piece of canon with all sorts of consequences and implications for the story I had to write. The Be The First! story was difficult not due to an excess of canon (there's only a handful of issues), but rather because a couple of details in there, if taken seriously (under Watsonian conditions that I think I can assume but aren't spelled out by the source material) force you to do a huge reframing of the whole situation. It feels weird to do that in the *first* fic in a fandom, but you do what you have to do.
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Captain Marvel


  • Loved it. Straightforward superhero awesomeness, and very funny. At no point you feel that something is a drag.

  • Marvel casting keeps batting it out of the park. Brie Larson is Carol Danvers as much as RDJ is Tony Stark, Chris Evans is Steve Rogers, etc.

  • I don't know of many people who enjoys her life as much as Carol Danver enjoys hers most of the time. When things are going well, because they are going well, and when they aren't going well because that often means there's something dangerous and/or violent about to happen, and if nothing of that sort is scheduled, she'll very much go and seek it. And she'll smirk all the way through it. And she's a genuinely good and caring and reasonable and *funny* person.

  • Also: best, sanest, most loving family in the story of super-heroics.

  • Also also: Nick Fury is pretty good in this one (you can see how he's Nick Fury but not yet *the* Nick Fury, yet well in his way from point A to point B.)

Single historical detail spoiler, and a single generic sort-of-spoilery plot observation:Collapse )
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I have my Wayback Exchange prompt

It's a very nice, very reasonable, and actually not at all a niche request, but the more I thought about it (after reviewing the source material, which wasn't at all a disagreeable task), the more I realized that it's an unexpectedly tricky one. So I ended up going to bed late because I was jotting down notes for something of a "bible" for the fic, copying the idea from series/comic books/etc. — not something I usually do.

Anyway, I think I have it. It's not really a solution to the unique trickiness of the specific scenario, but rather an enthusiastic embracing of it. I hope it works for the requester. (Well, first I hope I can make it work in the text...)
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Another challenge signed up for, because why not?

(There are many reasons why not, and therefore I'm going to do it anyway.)

Just signed up for Be The First 2019. Somewhat surprisingly, I looked and I don't think I've done it before. Perhaps the explanation is that it took me a long while to find a fandom to be the first for (Fandom. Kinda scarily impressive when you think about it). I ended up choosing Cemetery Beach — Warren Ellis minis seem to lack fics somewhat more reliably than others, which might be a function of his often going off-script, so to speak, or just a smaller readership than my liking of them would make me believe. I am very annoyed, though, that there are three fics for Injection. Three. Either zero or a lot would've been more acceptable numbers.
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The Wayback Exchange would be a good name for a time-travel-oriented one, too

As subliminally suggested by [personal profile] minoanmiss and [personal profile] gingicat, I just signed up for the Wayback Exchange. Although I must note that, due to my age well-practiced not-getting-killed-so-far skills, my reaction to most fandoms was "What do you mean wayback, this fandom is still active (in my heart)".

I mean, I was trying to get some friends to watch Ninja Assassin a couple weeks ago, there was a TNG episode as background TV during the weekend, my light Tumblr lurking is leavened by a ready stream of apparently new TOS posts, and calling Hamlet or Sherlock Holmes an old fandom is both obviously true and obviously false.

Anyway, Old Man Yelling At Cloud Aside aside (do we still pretend The Simpsons is a live thing, I wonder), yay! This could be fun.