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cass, can you not

Yuletide reveal

I wrote two fics this time (I wanted to write more, but given my schedule it'd have been irresponsible to claim more).

Entelechy (Cable/Deadpool in both senses of the term). I don't think I succeeded with this story. Stuff is weird but not very funny, and Wade is just half of his usual self.

Turing Test (a 2001 fic). I like this one more. The language is clunky and, save for a couple of key details, it tells quite a bit more than it shows (the plot nudged me in that direction, but I should have resisted it better), but I think the core idea behind the fic is both logical and meaningful, so there you go.

Lessons learned this Yuletide:

  • If I feel meh about a story, it's probably not going to work out.

  • Simple ideas sometimes have complex implementations.

  • I need to get much better at getting across specific images and moods in a more indirect way.

  • outlawpoet is a beta rock star (I already knew that, but it bears repeating).

cass, can you not

Dear Yuletide Author

I tried to send you a message, but the server 500'd on me. I'll try again when I wake up, but just in case you're checking here, the message was

Thanks, thanks, thanks, *many* thanks. This is fantastic - Watson, Mycroft, awesome backstory that makes perfect sense. I love it very much. Thanks!

In conclusion: Yay!

Everybody else, consider this my rec post: An Evening With Mycroft. Don't tell me the title alone doesn't make you want to read it.
cass, can you not

Just signed for Yuletide!

As every year, just signing up is a very joyful activity; selecting fandoms to offer while a tiny voice in the back of your head keeps screaming What? No! Don't offer that, don't offer... CRAP is fun as hell. I love getting fic, but writing for fandoms I never thought about writing for is fantastic (except for the part where I have to relearn the canon, find character voices, come up with a plot, and actually type the damned thousand words).

Looking forward to it.
cass, can you not

Dear Santa

I'm very sorry it took me so long to write this letter; I've had an intense week, for rather overwhelming values of "intense." Anyway.

First and foremost, have fun. As far as I'm concerned, the gift of Yuletide is not the fic itself, but the writing of it, the act itself. Besides, a fic written with gusto will be read with gusto, even if it's not something I would have thought of at first.

Now, if -but only if- you want something more precise to work on: I love "slices of life." I love logistics. I love methods. I love the how of what the characters do, besides the what and the why. I love skill, competence, deviousness, honor, fun.

But if you must write porn, be my guest :).

Love and thanks,
cass, can you not

Yuletide Awesomeness, now with names!

I squeed -and trust me, given the awesome quality of what I got it was remarkably self-restrained squee- over my Yuletide gifts here.

In alphabetical order...

The absolutely stunning Cleopatra's Needle was written by fuschia. It wasn't only an awesome Yuletide gift to get, and way above what I had any right to expect: it pretty much blew the limits of what I had ever seen it done within that fandom, and imagery-wise, it's one of the most beautiful fics I've ever read, period.

Ennui, which is a *very* precise and insightful Poirot story, even if -specially as- nothing much happens, was written by tigerbright as a stocking stuffer. I can't thank her enough; as far as I'm concerned, that's but another of the reasons why she rocks.

Last but not least, The Seventh Wave is... You see, much as I liked a of the visuals of the Aeon Flux movie, the so-called "science" was so bad that it jarred me as I watched it. But st_aurafina fixes everything in a way that works. I might be biased because it's written so wonderfully and humanly, with an eye to details the movie skipped over, but it works for me. This is poetic fic, magic fic, and it's even source-fixing fic. What more can anybody ask for?