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cass, can you not

Sorry about the radio silence

I've been... Well, not busier than usual, or more depressed than usual. I guess that mostly I'm dealing with a spot of localized feeling-too-much, and I usually react by withdrawing where I can.

But I've been reading and watching and so on, so there'll be Books! and Comics! and TV! posts at some point.
cass, can you not

Back online

Apologies for my radio silence (which was, of course, noted and commented all through internetland). I had a very "interesting" and expensive week, hardware-wise, the end result being a new motherboard, graphics card, monitor, and a finally working home computer, which I'm now clinging to.
cass, can you not

Also known as 'the competition'

From io9: Meet Real-Life Supervillain Society ROACH. They have a recruitment video and everything. I particularly like this graphic:

What a bunch of lovable amateurs, going public like that. I shall enjoy crushing them from the shadows, and only in his last, painful minute of life will their 'supreme leader' realize that the fate he had thought had doomed him was in fact the dark reach of my will.
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Bats in the gaps

I've been working my ass off during the last two or three days[*], but some other things I really wanted to do were impossible due to unavoidable scheduling conflicts *coughs*, so I did read a couple of old Batman comics. [eyerolling] Batman being dead and all that. [/eyerolling]

Batman - Our Worlds at War: A bit of a naive Batman, I think. Quite competent, but rather squeamish about going against the Federal government. Which, considering that the president was at the time Lex Luthor, makes no sense at all. Batman is the guy who offered Superman to, and this is an almost quote, make the body disappear. Hell, this is the guy who threatened Darkseid to destroy Apokolips if he didn't let the Supes family go away, which is rather ironic considering recent developments. You might say that he was bluffing, and maybe he was, but he was bluffing Darkseid, and Darkseid bought it. (Am I being a big hypocrite by picking some Superman/Batman canon as Very True, and other as Not A Chance In Hell? Yep, but I don't care)

Batman - Blackgate: Classic Batman for that time and age. Rather talkative and melodramatic, but competent without being the batgod. And the story spends a lot of time on the inmates themselves, which is a great thing.

Batman - The Last Arkham: Both awful and great. It has plot holes you could hide the Batcave in them. Everybody is rather talkative and melodramatic. Dick is, well, Dick, and wears the *really* gay Nightwing uniform. He's the only man on Earth who can pull it off, and it's still giggleworthy. Batman makes the stupidest tactical decision of his life, and makes it work... I'm not exactly sure how. But *also* we get tiny bits of Arkham ---the new Arkham, and this is part of the recently retconned stuff, if you actually believe Batman Confidential, something I only do when I want to--- on the side, as well as the proper Arkham family. What can I say? I like the place, and I suspect I might even like it better, or at least as much, without the more colorful psychos (Arkham Living Hell provides a bit of this, but still too tied to the Bat to be what I'm looking for).

[*] Relatively. I'm very aware that in the great scheme of things my life is a freaking sinecure.
cass, can you not

Oh, all-knowing friendlist

I got a question: You know how after you haven't slept for a long while (*coughs*) you get a bit of a second wind? It's not that you are any more rested or effective, but it does feel that way. Does that have to do with things like sunlight, or is it endogenous? What's the neurochemistry behind it?

Apologies from the rambling, incoherent post. Not coincidentally, I didn't get any sleep last night.