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Nonspoilery half-formed comments on Doctor Who (and Hannibal)

Doctor Who (still) definitely works better as fairy tale rather than science-fiction. It's more about morality and feelings and narrative puns than it's about the logical consequences of extraordinary assumptions.

I keep thinking about a Hannibal AU where Hannibal is actually a time-stranded (or hiding) Time Lord (e.g., the Master in one of his more self-restrained regenerations, or ideally somebody else). Think about it: human looks, slightly superhuman physiology (for example, his senses), the accumulated skills and insights of centuries, and the cold distance of being from literally another species. A psychopathic Time Lord playing with humans while keeping all future technology turned off to avoid detection, thoroughly epicurean to try to approximate as much as possible the heights of music/food/art he was probably used to, momentarily amused by particularly clever or interesting human minds and setting up multi-level games of manipulation with people to try to distract himself, but never seeing them as more than playthings.

I think it makes sense, but while it'd add a bit to Doctor Who (for all of their cleverness and experience, we see more of Time Lord technology than we do of Time Lord *minds*, and that's a pity), it'd probably diminish Hannibal.
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On not feeling like writing fic

It feels weird to like a show as much as I like Hannibal and not be tempted to write fic for it, but the thing is, most of what I love writing fic for — the syntax of insanity, the teasing of cosmologies, the chaos at the interface between morality and strategy — that's twisted.where the show lives. If the first season is as much of a closed perfect arc as season one of Dexter felt to me, this second season is doing many of things I would have felt tempted to do, and many I didn't think of.

Perhaps if it suffers an untimely cancellation I'll be more tempted to write, but for now, the source is not only beautifully shot (in a way that, in an interesting choice, also reflects Lecter's own aesthetics), but also satisfyingly
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A month or so until Hannibal S2

It was my favorite ongoing show during its first season, and as much as I enjoyed Lecter Victorious, I think it will be a thrill to watch Lecter's Fall. Assuming that's what comes now; for all we know, S2's endgame could be Doctor Lecter entering the FBI and replacing Crawfowrd (imagine that, the Vidoq/Lupin of serial killers).

Think of a dark Mycroft, not just (mostly) uncaring for individuals but actively sadistic... A Magnussen that doesn't leave people alive to fear and hate him, if you will.
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Whoever wins... He eats.

Last night it came to me that I once posted the following about Predators

Just dream with me: Predator vs. Hannibal Lecter.

And that was before the series! The Hannibal of the series, with his nearly superhuman senses, his precise violence, the way he slips into insane environments and minds... Not to mention not!Jack! Hannibal would have a field day with him.

Two things that would happen: Predator Field Kabuki. Hannibal tricking humans into eating Predator flesh to figure out if it's safe for him to eat.
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As far as Moriarty is concerned, the most enjoyable part of her sometimes unavoidable trips to the United States is going to Baltimore and having dinner with Hannibal. He's reasonably smart, an adequate cook, a better conversationalist that most other people in that sad country, and not completely dull.

I don't think they'd be friends as such, but they could be mutually interesting monsters, and they are both perceptive enough that they could *see* each other, up to a point, while at the same time being aware that this mutual knowledge isn't a danger to either; Hannibal knows that as long as he's no threat to Moriarty's interests she has no intention of stopping him, and vice versa.

On the other hand, Will and Sherlock working together would be a terrifying trainwreck of snark.
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Fic: The Good Doctor (PG13, Hannibal AU)

Title: The Good Doctor
Rating: PG13?
Fandom: Hannibal AU.

He makes the FBI team nervous. If he were inclined to press the point, they would probably say that they find his precise demeanor, comprehensive knowledge of both psychopathology and anatomy, and idiosyncratic approach to forensic scene analysis ("Is he smelling the bodies?" "It's the Doctor's thing.") understandably offputing. Lecter suspects the real cause is primary enough that even trained investigators overlook it: even in the bloodiest crime scene, he's always clean. Even his clothes are spotless, and although the mind might not give it much notice, something in the subconscious shudders and wants to run.

Lecter knows that shudder very well, and feels no need to press his colleagues. It's enough for him to help however he can, and then go back to what nominally passes for his practice. It has been a while since he has received a new patient, had a good night's sleep, or eaten a decent meal.

Everything, he fears, tastes somewhat like human flesh, and keeping down his food is both harder and easier than it should be.

He has only confided his fears on Will Graham so far. In the whole FBI, he seems to be the only person neither afraid of his gift nor using him as a psychopath-catching device. Will just listens to his fears, as silent and still as the dogs in his house, his eyes closed as if watching through Hannibal's eyes.

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On Hannibal

One form of articulating my admiration for how this show is being handled is that, even if I didn't knew that Lecter kills and eats people, the things he does do on screen would suffice to creep me out.

By the way, the obvious crossover would be based on the observation that Dr. Lecter, as a world-known psychiatrist with experience with victims of traumatic violence, would be the obvious choice to treat a wealthy young boy who seems to have problems coping with the sudden death of his parents.

In other words, imagine Mads Mikkelsen saying Tell me more about the bat. Because I swear, turning post-Crime Alley child!Bruce into training-for-Batman child!Bruce would be *precisely* the kind of thing Dr. Lecter seems to find fascinating.

As an aside, of course, imagine Hugh Dancy with his eyes closed whispering I don't attack criminals because they break the law. I attack them because they scare me. I hide in the dark and break their bones because I want them to be as scared of me as I am of them. Bats terrify me, so I become one. This is my design.