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Fantastic Four #570

I'll have to remember the name of the writer, Jonathan Hickman. This is pure Reed Richards Fun, and although it will end badly (and I have a couple of ideas about how things will be saved after they are fucked up; and, yes, it will involve the power of True Love) this is exactly what you should expect from this universe... and his personality.

Recced for Insane Super-Scientist Fun.
cass, can you not

Yes, Comics Are Crazy

Recced: Fantastic Four #569. Why? 1% of the reason is the way it shows that you should never mess with the Fantastic Four, who are not only powerful but also crazier than you. Specially Reed Richards. I know I'm repeating myself, but that's one seriously stone-cold insane guy.

The other 99% of the reason is Doom. I still think that the idea of Doom having a "Master" is rank idiocy, but Doom's countermove was epic in its straightforward simplicity and Doom-nesque sense of priorities.

Zeroth Rule of the Marvel Multiverse: DOOM IS MORE BADASS THAN YOU.

Elsewhere, Wade is still entertainingly crazy and fun interacting with Spidey, Daredevil, and Frank Castle (Deadpool Suicide Kings #4), both Batwoman and the Question kick ass (Detective Comics #855), Jeremy Irons isn't as badass as an engineer with a huge nanotechnological factory should be (Superman #690), and apparently everyone in the Ignition City-verse swears like Warren Ellis (Ignition City #4).
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Never mind me, I'm just thinking aloud

Whose idea, exactly, was to locate the Baxter Building — essentially a high energy physics/weapons laboratory + high profile supervillain target combination — just in the middle of New York? I can easily see Reed "it worked for Hari Seldon" Richards doing something like that without even realizing it, but how much do the Richards have to pay in taxes to compensate having in your city the laboratory of a guy best known for a nearly catastrophic shield failure?

(Ok, so having him around is handy when somebody, e.g. Galactus, attacks NY, as everybody does sooner or later, but I still think it's a huge risk.)

(BTW, despite posts like these, I am growing more and more fond of the Fantastic Four, Reed included. It's just that the more attention I pay to him, the crazier he seems... and the more interesting as a character. He doesn't wear a mask and talks of himself in the third person, but on his own way he's crazier than Victor.)
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Unexpected beauty, like a koan in an EULA

I was going to comment on last week's comics (short version: Deadpool is funny), but I think I'll just share with you what is possibly one of the finest panels in the history of comics. Quoting the Simpsons isn't yet retro enough to be cool again, but I can't but note that this panel does work at many levels.

From Dark Reign Fantastic Four #3 of 5:

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Needlessly to say, there has to be an icon of this at some point.
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Fic: After the battle, the reward (Fantastic Four, PG13)

Title: After the battle, the reward
Fandom: Fantastic Four, no particular continuity point
Rating: PG13
Word count: About eight hundred.
Warnings: You can both read it as an AU and as a look off-off-panel. Your choice.
Thanks to: outlawpoet, who made the fic much better in many different ways.
Summary: The saying about Sue being the most powerful of the Fantastic Four is, indeed, very true.

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