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Barely slashy non-fic. Tim/Kon mostly implied.

Actual Tim/Kon (probably unrelated to this non-fic, though) to come later. amarin_rose's prompt does deserve something more to the point than this...

Batman fighting an interdimensional monster with the "no, really, we are not the JLA"? Check.

Nightwing spotted in New York an hour ago near a worryingly murdered kidnapper? Check.

Things *way* beyond tolerable? Check.

As fast as possible without risk of damaging him, Kon dipped into Gotham, intercepted Robin's ludicrously visible flight path, and flew him up, up, and away.

"Superboy!," said Robin cheerily. "Is there an emergency?"

Kon hovered in the air and considered just dropping him.

"Superboy?" Robin's face was open and concerned. But it had also been open and concerned before. It had been open and concerned the whole day Kon had been watching him. Almost... No, no almost about it. He had been positively enthusiastic, like an small-sized young Dick, and fuck but that image had been the worst idea in his short but intense career of bad ideas.

"I know there is probably an important Bat reason to do this, but I don't care if I look stupid, man, I have to ask. Where is Tim and what have you done with him?"

Robin's face became puzzled. "What do you mean? I *am* Tim."

Kon waited a beat. Two.

Only one thing to do.

A beat later, Robin was almost clawing his way out of his kissing and (moderate, he had thought) groping.

"The heck? SuperSTOP there! Whatareyoudoing! I'm not gay or anything!"

Kon dropped him and went looking for Tim.

Alright, he picked the screaming Robin a few hundred meters above the ground. Just because Clark would have been pissy.

* * * * *

"He knows."

"Of course he knows," snapped Tim. "Kon isn't stupid."

Dick put his hand over Tim's shoulder while both watched the strange crystalline "screens" in Superboy Prime's interdimensional refuge. "I didn't meant that, bro. He knew before. Just like Babs did."

Tim turned to Dick. "You think that's why she broke her engagement with... your doppelganger?"

Dick shook his head. "No, but I know she wouldn't have broken it with me."

A young voice snarled from behind them. "Can you two stop that? You make me sick, you perverts. I should go there and..."

Tim walked to the kryptonian and started lecturing to him in a dangerous monotone. "One, you tried that before, and almost destroyed the multiverse. In fact, it's only the work we are doing here that prevents it. Two, we can only restore the proper timelines if our absence goes unnoticed, hence our 'substitutes'. Three, you need us, because we are familiar with Luthor's tech and you just know how to punch stuff, and four, you bastard, if you ever touch Kon again I swear I will"

"Tim," interrumped an almost amused Dick. "Let's get back to work, ok? You know the deal. Both of you."

"Everybody lives," said Tim.

"Everybody lives," echoed Dick.

"I get my universe back," said Superboy Prime. "And I'm not gay!"

Dick sighed. "Close enough. Let's do this."

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