__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

Just watched the Hannibal (S3?) finale

As a placeholder for further thought (or not): The series began with the Devil as chess master, then the Devil as corrupter, and now ended up with... I'm not sure Hannibal is the Devil any more, biblical references aside. Something broke in Hannibal Lecter at the end of season two, and season three felt less like the desperate battle of wits and imagination that were the first two seasons, than as a beautifully shot mess of insane people bouncing against each other, intermittently orchestrated by a(n also participating) Hannibal Lecter who seemed to be almost going through the motions.

Season 3 was almost languid, that's what I'm saying. Frequent, horrifying murders notwithstanding. I think that was a deliberate thematic choice, a gradual deepening of the emotional components over the logical (I didn't say sane) ones. After all, the series began with the aria from the Goldberg Variations, and ended with Love Crime. That's the series' arc in a nutshell.
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