__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

What I did this week #9 (sort-of professionally speaking)

Highlights of the week: I did boring work I'm unsuited for, work that I'm suited for but is still boring, and, depressingly, nothing else. I blame the brain weasels.

Day job news: I PM, I bugfix, I QA. All things that seem to have reasonable direct heuristics for, but for which I'm rather strongly unsuited. Might get the CEO to hire an on-demand QA service for the next one, that'll be nice. (If I learned something from working with games, is that good QA people are irreplaceable).

Arbitrage portfolio project: Assuaged doubts, delivered a version that does what I was asked to, threw in an optimizing freebie. I think they might want to extend the project a bit more, but methinks I'm done.

Biostatistics project with the University of Chicago project: Some small changes to the Python programs I made, and slowly converting them to R. Learned along the way to do pseudo-iterators in R (there's an iterators package, but it isn't quite the same). Definitely useful when your data gets larger than your memory (and when you have certain forms of weird-ass logic), but worries me how you lose vectorizability (which in R, means speed).

I didn't write or post anything this week. A third of the blame goes on the amount of time that the other things are taking, another third of the blame goes to my trying to catch up somewhat with my reading even despite that, and the rest of the blame is simply that I'm having such a fuzzy-brained week that until half an hour ago I thought it was Thursday.

Tags: me, rl, what i'm up to
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