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Fic: A Wedding, Interrupted (DCU, PG13, Marriage-a-palooza)

Title: A Wedding, Interrupted
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU
Summary: Superman is planning to marry. Lois...

The plan was Batman's, but every reporter's instinct told Lois the fundamental idiocy of it came from an almost painfully childlike corner she had always suspected in Bruce Wayne's mind. She had half a mind to catch the first plane to Gotham and tear him a new one, but, first things first, she had a wedding to stop.

"No way in hell, Smallville," she said. She derived no pride from the way the Man of Steel winced at her tone.

"Lois, you know it's just a decoy."

"I don't care."

"Bruce's reasoning is correct - it's the best way to keep you safe."

"I. Don't. Care. You won't."

"You can't --- you're not jealous, are you? You know I - "

Men. Even super. Lois put a finger on her fiancee's invulnerable chest and tapped it. "I know you love me whether you are wearing glasses or tights." Her expression softened, then, and it had so much light Clark could almost believe it would power his cells for a century of flight. "That's why."

Suddenly, Clark embraced her. "I know it's a bad idea," he whispered. "I'm just afraid. Secret identity or not, marrying me will put you in more danger. Giving Superman a very public spouse would deflect at least some of it."

Lois sighted, her head against his chest. "That's not the point, you dummy. Marry me or don't."

"... There's no try?"

Lois snorted. "I'm marrying a nerd. That's scary."

"Fear has never stopped you from doing what's right."

Lois said nothing, waiting. Clark was very, very smart. He just...

"... And it shouldn't stop me, and us marrying is the right thing to do."

Sometimes he just needed a bit of time. Lois smiled at him.

"Why, Mister Lane, I think that's a very good plan."

Clark smiled and kissed her.

* * *

Half a continent away, Diana of Themyscira was being presented with the stupidest plan she had ever heard by the smartest tactician she had ever known. Her laughter was long and sincere, and it seemed to scatter away the bats.

Tags: clark fic, fic, lois fic
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