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As far as Moriarty is concerned, the most enjoyable part of her sometimes unavoidable trips to the United States is going to Baltimore and having dinner with Hannibal. He's reasonably smart, an adequate cook, a better conversationalist that most other people in that sad country, and not completely dull.

I don't think they'd be friends as such, but they could be mutually interesting monsters, and they are both perceptive enough that they could *see* each other, up to a point, while at the same time being aware that this mutual knowledge isn't a danger to either; Hannibal knows that as long as he's no threat to Moriarty's interests she has no intention of stopping him, and vice versa.

On the other hand, Will and Sherlock working together would be a terrifying trainwreck of snark.
Tags: elementary, hannibal

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