__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

I'm one episode away from finishing Luther S01

Six comments on what I've seen so far.

  • It's a good series.

  • It needs to cut down on the torture porn.

  • I very much like how Luther gets to be terrifyingly good at what he does without pseudo-superpowers. He's a nearly Holmes-level detective without needing the magic dust of genius: he's just/"just" exceedingly knowledgeable, experienced, observant, and dedicated.

  • That said, Luther's lack of... I don't know, fear? regarding his own violence and unlawfulness is, on itself, dangerous. Frankly, I think the series needs bloody and insane criminals partly to make the acceptability of his methods less ambiguous than it'd otherwise be.

  • Oh, Zoe. Oh, Mark. It's heartbreaking, how much I like them.

  • Alice Morgan: Consulting Psychopath. I hope we get to know more of her as a person; it feels at times as if she's undergoing more personal change than anybody else in the series, but we only see her when she's being the World's Most Terrifying Godmother.

Tags: luther

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