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Fic: The Good Doctor (PG13, Hannibal AU)

Title: The Good Doctor
Rating: PG13?
Fandom: Hannibal AU.

He makes the FBI team nervous. If he were inclined to press the point, they would probably say that they find his precise demeanor, comprehensive knowledge of both psychopathology and anatomy, and idiosyncratic approach to forensic scene analysis ("Is he smelling the bodies?" "It's the Doctor's thing.") understandably offputing. Lecter suspects the real cause is primary enough that even trained investigators overlook it: even in the bloodiest crime scene, he's always clean. Even his clothes are spotless, and although the mind might not give it much notice, something in the subconscious shudders and wants to run.

Lecter knows that shudder very well, and feels no need to press his colleagues. It's enough for him to help however he can, and then go back to what nominally passes for his practice. It has been a while since he has received a new patient, had a good night's sleep, or eaten a decent meal.

Everything, he fears, tastes somewhat like human flesh, and keeping down his food is both harder and easier than it should be.

He has only confided his fears on Will Graham so far. In the whole FBI, he seems to be the only person neither afraid of his gift nor using him as a psychopath-catching device. Will just listens to his fears, as silent and still as the dogs in his house, his eyes closed as if watching through Hannibal's eyes.

Tags: fic, hannibal, hannibal fic
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