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Title: Code Branches Point One to Point Five
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Person of Interest AUs, futures, or sidelines.

The numbers check. They always do. But Finch still insists on doing the research before acting on them. Despite having designed the Machine himself, he feels it'd be unethical otherwise.

The man who calls himself Reese just asks for the target's tactical intel, and the account number for his payout.

* * *

Leon hadn't known you could receive calls from the inside of a psychiatric hospital. He hadn't known many, many things before meeting the guys, and some of them he hadn't learned until after their death.

He spoke at the phone without bothering to listen before. "You win. I'll take the fucking job."

The hospital received his release papers minutes later, as an email.

* * *

Very, very few people know that the United States' counterterrorism actions are ultimately directed by a software program. Not all of them have the imagination to consider the possibility of modifying its parameters for more politically useful internal surveillance.

It took about half a dozen absolutely accidental deaths before they stopped discussing the idea near a cellphone, and three more before they were scared enough to give up.

* * *

It could be simply that she has reached an even higher level of hacking proficiency, but Root suspects that, sometimes, someone has her back.

Whenever that happens, she dials a random number and says thanks.

* * *

Every rookie Detective gets the same three rules from Fusco regarding their Captain: Don't raise your voice when her dog's around. Don't take it badly if she interrupts you to take a call. And when she tells you to go get someone out of the blue, get your ass moving and don't ask why.



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