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Fic: Hidden (PG13? 18?, Doctor Who AU)

Title: Hidden
Rating: PG18
Fandom: Doctor Who, hopefully as A as an AU can get.
Author notes: Takes place in the universe of Closed Timelike Curve, but you can read them in wibbly-wobbly order.
Extra author notes: Apparently, I still can creep myself out.
WARNINGS: Gave me nightmares, literally. Implicit violence and worse.

"I told you," he says

Don't cry. Don't cry. He will hear you. Don't cry. Her heart feels as if it were making more noise than the two he has.

"I AM a mad man in a box."

Stay hidden. Stay away.

"And this getting married thing? To a guy? A human guy?"

Rory is... Rory will find a way to be alive again. He always does.

"Marriage is not cool. LEAVING ME IS NOT COOL!"

Wait him out. Breathe the terror out. Become angry. Find

"Hello, Amelia."

The woman doesn't scream at being found. She doesn't scream at the face of the Silence. She doesn't scream, even, at the incongruity of the naked being wearing a bowtie.

But then she notices the strings tying the mouthless face, the fact that it's both skin and mask, and as she screams she's almost grateful to know she won't remember any of this.

She never does.

Tags: doctor who, doctor who fic, fic
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