__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

The Alphas season finale

Things learned in the season finale:

  • Staton Parrish thinks he's Magneto; he even wanted Rosen to lead the Alphas after the big event.

  • At the end, refusing to kill Parrish, Rosen got a Charles Xavier vibe of his own.

  • That said, half-hallucinating and bleeding to death, Rosen is equally manipulative, and arguably even more dangerous.

  • We might learn in Season 3 that his hallucination of his daughter was instead being pushed by a telepath of sorts, but I prefer the straight interpretation: Rosen is a very violent and vengeful bastard.

  • Apparently, shutting off NYC from the grid is kind of impossible for the government. Who knew?

  • Also, you can run NYC from a single generator housed below Grand Central Station. Who knew?

  • Even his own partner thinks Cameron is pretty but useless. I agree.

My baseless prediction for the next Season: it was all Gary's plan all along. I mean, didn't any of them see The Usual Suspects?
Tags: alphas
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