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Books! (Truth and Beauty Edition)

Aphorisms (Ludwig Wittgenstein, 2012/#75): Allow me to prefer the Tractatus to his later work. Not because he is a mean philosopher in either long text or aphorism, but because only he could have written the Tractatus — and I think it a pity that he hasn't been heed more.

The Renaissance (Walter Pater, 2012/#76): A reread, and how could I not? He's passionate about a time of passionate people creating beautiful things. Like with Chesterton, I can disagree with his ideas but still enjoy and profit from his company.

English Prose - Milton to Gray (William Peacock, 2012/#77): There's a transition of sorts in this period — an understatement, as there are many transitions going on, some of them unprecedented — a change I can't precisely define, except by noting that my experience goes from reading historical prose to reading *live* prose, even if it was written centuries ago. There's something in English prose from the latter half of the XVIIIth century onward that I feel as contemporary with me as anything written last week.

The Venetian Painters of the Renaissance (Bernard Berenson, 2012/#78): Too hyperbolic to give it full credence, too knowledgeable to not learn from it, too passionate not to enjoy reading it.
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