__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

FF #21, pg 13, no spoilers.

I can see why pretty much all the major empires in the galaxy consider Earth to be Reed's planet (Reed and Galactus basically have each other on speed dial, not to mention the Negative Zone, his alternates' habits of taking over everything, his Celestials-killing son and post-hypergenius daughter, Johnny Storm-who-once-ruled-the-Negative-Zone-for-a-while, Sue's habit of collecting kingdoms, and so on and so forth), but that could make for some funny moments when Reed Richards has to explain to the United Nations that, due to some cultural differences and most civilizations' assumptions about people with ultimate nullifers and pocket universes in their home offices, the galaxy is under the impression that he owns Earth (not that they think he's doing a very good job of keeping it organized, what with hyperpowered megalomaniacs, the Phoenix, the way the Infinity Gauntlet keeps being unlost, and so on, but what can you expect of scientists).

I just want be there when Doom hears that, as far as most of the universe is concerned, he's "that guy who keeps pestering Reed Richards, I think?"
Tags: fantastic four

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