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Gotham Adventures #16, aka The One About Alfred. As this is getting a bit too repetitive [1. Read issue... 2. Squee... 3. Post... 4. Repeat...], I'll try and be a bit more explicit about why, exactly, this is such a hugely awesome series, using as an example this issue.

The plot: Alfred is kidnapped. Batman sends the boys to rescue him. The boys are tied up fighting a huge gang. Batman says not to worry. By the moment they get there, Alfred had already freed himself, as he did the last twenty-seven times he was kidnapped.

First reason to love and fear Gotham Adventures: It's Not About Batman: In fact, it's rarely about the Batfamily and their angst. There is little to no angst or brooding of the Bat kind.

Second reason to love and fear Gotham Adventures: It's About Other Characters: Almost every issue has been about a character of group of characters, and I don't mean in the usual "villain du jour" sense. In each issue the character changes, surprises, shines through. Number #16, for example, is all about Alfred and his captors, and the rest of the Bat-family plays almost the role of comic relief.

Third reason to love and fear Gotham Adventures: Is a Family Story: Not in the "There's no outrageous violence, innuendo and dubious, cheerful amorality here" sense (because there *IS*), but as in "All the Bat types work together, hang out together, and practically live together." They get along cheerfuly. They make faces, joke (even Bruce), care. At the end of issue #16, Batman asks Alfred if he doesn't feel offended that he sent the kids to rescue him instead of going himself. *Batman* asks somebody if he felt offended by his tactical choice. WATCH ALL SPACETIME IMPLODE. Also, Alfred pointed out that it was a compliment, which was *so* the right toonverse thing to say.

Fourth reason to love and fear Gotham Adventures: Did I already mention the cheerful violence? GA #16 has a long, if fragmented and comic at times, fight sequence with Nightwing, Batgirl and Robin vs the Unending Supply of Goons, but it also has Alfred whacking up a guy with a baseball bat for little to no reason.

Fifth reason to love and fear Gotham Adventures: They are exactly as competent as they should be. Watching Alfred get rid of his kidnappers was a thing of beauty. He rocks just as much as Batman's butler should.

In short: it's the anti-comics!Batfamily. They don't doubt about themselves, their actions, or their partners. They all work together, have fun, and unleash holy hell over a Rogues' gallery made up of impredictable, thoughtful, *human* people.

As Ty Templeton answered when he asked him if he didn't dream about working with the "real" Batman: "I do".
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