__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

About Proms

Not being from the US, I'm a bit hazy on the concept of "Prom." That's the traditional coming-of-age ritual when superpowered teenagers first use their powers in public by ceremonially slaughtering their less magically-or-mutationally-advantaged peers, right? The ones customarily relegated to physical labor (e.g. "sports" and "cheerleading")?

Pretty classic anthropological stuff, if you ask me. Sir Frazer wrote about the whole choose-a-king-and-or-queen-and-then-sacrifice-them religious ritual more than a century ago.

If you ask me, to pick someone as Prom King and Queen and then disembowel them telekinetically or let them be eaten by zombies just because they don't have a grasp of telepathic shielding techniques or practical undead containment protocols is unnecessarily harsh, and reflects poorly on American civilization. They deserve our pre-apocalyptic patience and post-apocalyptic protection, not this sort of thinly veiled mystical discrimination.
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