__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,

Just for reference

Movies seen so far this year:

  • All-Star Superman: Very few modifications from the comic, but not uninteresting ones. The relative dearth of Jimmy Olsen goodness [1] is regrettable, but Luthor gets a more nuanced treatment at the end.

  • Drive Angry: Ye gods, what an awful movie: an unholy breed of Supernatural and Dukes of Hazzard, but with few if any of the interesting qualities of either.

  • Chaos: This watch a rewatch, and a non-unenjoyable one. It's not Revolver, but what the hell.

[1] I know, Jimmy Olsen goodness sounds silly. But trust me, All-Star Superman's Jimmy Olsen is a one-man show of awesome.
Tags: movies
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