__marcelo (__marcelo) wrote,


I suck at making icons (and it shows), but I really needed a Motoko Aramaki icon.

In case you don't know her: Imagine a full-body cyborg who's a world-class badass, but also a consummate professional, a cutting-edge info-warrior, and a respectable big-picture tactician when it comes to navigating the byzantine and deadly politics involved in her job.

That's Motoko Kusanagi, The Major.

Motoko Aramaki is what you get when you cross her with a self-evolving AI that gives her access to cognitive, technological, and informational resources few other entities in the planet can match.

(In DC/Marvel terms, Motoko Aramaki is what you get when you give the Black Widow a body designed by Tony Stark, and then you make her a super-charged Oracle.)
Tags: comics, ghost in the shell, icons
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