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Comics! (Classic Analogies Edition)

Fantastic Four #583 is Faust: Doom should have known better than to make a pact with the Devil Valeria Richards.

Superman/Batman #76 is Jaynestown: Two of the people who are supposed to have been the closest to Bruce, Dick and Clark, spouse the most absurd theories about who he was and why he did what he did.

Secret Avengers #5 is the continuation of every standard story about the robot copy who doesn't know it is a copy. What happens when it's a copy of Nick Fury? Badassery happened, and then weird stuff. I like the fact that Rogers thinks of the LMD as a living being in terms of his rights, but I also understand Nick's concern: anything or anyone who knows as much as he himself does, knows way too much. Amanda Waller would do exactly the same.

Batman Streets of Gotham #16: is a reverse Prisoner of Zenda, with the Brucified Tommy Elliot having to deal with some unexpected fallout from the Waynes' early history. That said, and not that this is ever going to happen, how awesome would it be if Bruce and Tommy reached an agreement? Tommy would be a very effective Bruce Wayne and would enjoy the lifestyle, and Bruce would get his afternoons free to do more Batman work.

Nemesis #3 is a not-subtle-at-all opposite Batman story, filled with gleeful sadism. That's all.

Avengers #5 is, and they are explicit about it, Goundhog Day: Ultron Attacks. It has a not uninteresting premise, given the existence of time machines and such, and I'm interested on how they will solve this, if at all. By the way, I just read an older TPB about an Ultron attack, and now that I know that Ultron's mind patterns are based on Pym's, I understand why a self-evolving ultra-intelligent AI has been stuck doing senseless schemes instead of doing something standard like transforming Jupiter into a Matryoshka brain. I also appreciated how taking the armor off Stark can be traumatic; it must feel like a stroke.
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