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Title: Hiatus: Five Moments Between Now and Then
Fandom: SPN
Spoilers: Up to the S5 finale.
Warnings: My knowledge of SPN canon is sketchy. Also, people have probably posted about two thousand fics in this vein during the last couple of days.

"He's too young to learn how to use guns," she had said. Ben hadn't asked, and Dean hadn't offered, but she had had to say it. Dean said 'Sure,' and nodded, and Lisa could see him filing her words with the other ten thousand things in their lives that made no sense to him at all.

* * *

In the two months since he took her up in her offer of a beer, only once has Dean yelled at her. It was a silly thing; she had just tried to change the music in the car's stereo.

A few minutes later, Dean looked away from the road and said 'Sorry.' She never entered his car again. To drive it would be unthinkable, and someone else was already in the passenger seat.

* * *

Once, after sex, Lisa asked him why he was staying with them. Not in despair, or in fear, but as a friend would ask about a puzzling choice. "I made a promise," he said.

She didn't know if that was good enough for her, and she didn't know if it would be good enough for him.

* * *

"I want it back," the man had said, standing still in front of their door. Dean went to the car and came back with something small and metallic that he gave to the man dressed in black, and that was the only time Lisa had ever seen Dean Winchester truly afraid.

After the man left he hugged her for what seemed like eternity. She hugged him back, and after a while she just held him while he cried silently. She felt the question needed to be asked, because he needed to answer it.

"Is Sam dead?" she asked.

"No," he said. "He will never die." For the first time, his voice sounded as broken as his eyes looked.

* * *

She had known it would happen. Not the exact moment, or the exact way, but a mysterious man wearing an overcoat knocking on their door and telling them that "there is only one in the cage" wasn't at all an unexpected reason for Dean to grab the bag he had never really unpacked and leave the house he had never really been in.



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