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Fic: On the Newtonian Approach to Murder (PG13, Sherlock Holmes Movieverse)

Title: On the Newtonian Approach to Murder
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes Movieverse
Author Notes: Post-movie, perhaps vaguely spoilery for it, although not in any specific sense.

Her experience would be valuable enough, but that is not why Scotland Yard pays Miss Adler so handsomely. Her true task, everybody in the force knows, is to get Sherlock Holmes out of his rooms and clear-headed enough to do what he does. Even if it takes an ever-increasing dose of cocaine.

Doctor Watson wouldn't have approved. Watson is dead.

Everybody whispers that his failure to solve this murder, in fact his blank refusal to take the case, is what finally broke Holmes' will. That grief for the only man he had ever loved did what a lifetime of pursuing crime couldn't.

They are right about the grief, but not about the case. Irene Adler knows. She was with Holmes when he found the body, with him as he ran from the alley to the modest townhouse, with him as he climbed a wall, entered through a window, and without argument or proof, killed Professor Moriarty with his bare hands.

She knows he was probably right, which is why she covered his deed. And she's safer — the world is safer — with the Professor dead.

But she shivers every time she meets Mycroft Holmes, and she thinks she knows why.

Tags: fic, sherlock holmes, sherlock holmes fic
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