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Fic: Conjunction (ST:TNG/Firefly/Stargate Atlantis)

My last fic for the Multiverse5000 challenge.

Title: Conjunction
Fandoms: Star Trek (TNG), Firefly, Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Death, darkness, confusion. Nothing sexual or explicit.
Thanks to, in no particular order: hl, rynia, autopoiesis, outlawpoet, not_sally.
Word count: About two hundred.

"We all want the same thing here," said Picard to the Maqui. "There's no need for violence."

"Really?" said Mal and shot the Alliance officer. No loss to the 'verse. Although maybe the bastard would have been useful when the Reavers overpowered Mal, too quick, too many (and too organized, said a disbelieving part of his brain) for him to even be able to kill himself. They didn't eat him. Instead, they injected him with some sort of bubbly green substance filled with metal specks. Then the voices in his head began.

"Great," said Rodney, seeing another Wraithfied Genii being taken past his cell. If what he could see was an accurate sample, the Wraith expansion project was proceeding exponentially. It made no sense for the Wraith to do that, but little had been making sense since they had accidentally activated the Ancient quantum merging device. There had been no obvious effect at first, but then everything had just gone crazier than usual; the galaxy was almost overrun with Wraith, and he shared a cell with a very scary girl who kept saying that it was all his fault. When she talked at all.

River closed her eyes, searching through the chorus of triplicate voices in her head for the only one that made sense, that could help her get back Serenity and the Captain and everything else. The one that called itself Q.

Tags: fic, firefly, firefly fic, sga, sga fic, st:tng fic
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