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Thinks That Rock

The Star Trek movie and Dollhouse S1E12, no, wait, Dollhouse the series. There were weak, derivative bits all through the series — I don't really buy some of the main subconceits — but, granted that, it was handled awesomely and in a nice crescendo. I think Joss might have tried (and mostly failed) to lure mainstream viewers before hitting them with the good stuff.

The Star Trek movie was *young* (well, for the most part). It failed in that it was more about Star Trek than about exploration (unlike, you know, the good Star Trek series), but it ultimately wins because, despite the very heavy hints thrown around *coughs*, at some level it's more about who the characters are than about who they will be. Plus, it was fun.

I'm not sure you can ask more of an Star Trek movie these days.
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