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Comics! (Vaguely Disappointed Edition)

Mister X Condemned #4: The resolution was messy, 'tell, not show,' and unsatisfactory. Bummer, I was loving the mini.

Batman Battle For The Cowl Arkham Asylum #1: Interesting! Didn't care for the very last stuff, but interesting. The less DCU-tied it was, the more I enjoyed it.

Detective Comics #853: It's... one way to end it, I guess. I liked Bruce very much in this.

Dark Reign Elektra #2: When you factor in the months of torture (and I still have to wonder what that was about; there might be an interesting explanation, although Marvel's probably going to just blow it (god, I just came up with a horribly cliche idea)), Elektra was damn impressive. Not very talkative, but impressive. Foggy is awesome.

Guardians Of The Galaxy #13: Larger Marvel U, I BANISH THEE FROM MY COMIC. The Guardians should have become the next Exiles.

Immortal Iron Fist #25: Nice.

Fantastic Force #1: Not bad, although it'd have been better if they hadn't made the bad guy also crazy and xenophobic (way to simplify things, Marvel!). I think I might tolerate Logan here (which is no excuse for his omnipresence elsewhere).

Outsiders #17: Ah, yes, I see where they are going. Blah.

Azrael Death's Dark Knight #2: Not nearly as interesting as it should be, I think. I don't like the Suit of Sorrows in the DCU, and much less in Gotham. Gotham is not about the supernatural affecting the human mind, it's about the human mind becoming almost supernatural.

Blackest Night #0: IN THE NAME OF EVERYTHING HOLY NO. STAY THE FUCK AWAY YOU STUPID GL EVENT. I MEAN IT. STAY THE UTTER UTTER FUCK AWAY. (it's not that DC doesn't have interesting core concepts for events, it's just that cosmological complexity and sucky writing make them painful to read, almost destroy my interest in them, and litter the larger universe with bizarre and inelegant second order consequences).

Trinity #47: Yeah, yeah, yeah, we got everything like ten or twenty issues ago. Gods, this would have been a tolerable four-issue mini or Elseworld, but in this format it sucks.
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