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Fic: Development Cycle (Dollhouse, PG13, short)

Title: Development Cycle
Rating: PG13
Fandom: Dollhouse
Warnings: Canon is a very fluid concept in the Dollhouse.

He didn't know Kung Fu. As always, they had gotten Ivy to scrub most of his improvements before the imprint. Just the baseline model with the most recent memories, maybe with a moral tweak or two and a touch of fear-desire where it suited management.

A third-rate hack for immortality, but the arrangement worked well enough for Topher, and he was actually glad he didn't have the memories of Alpha gruesomely killing the last one.

Somewhere in the files there was a total count of his imprints, maybe even the original him, but he had long ago programmed himself not to look for it.

Tags: dollhouse, dollhouse fic, fic

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