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Superman #200

Turned out to be your standard "Lois sort-of-dies, Bruce and Gotham get addicted to a cola who turns them into crazy cyborgs ---Bruce then blows up the city and uploads himself into a bunch of robot bats---, Clark hides in Indonesia, then his fake daughter sent from the future goes back to the future carrying the Brainiac virus, who then attempts to take over the world until Superman from the past (actually the comics timeline present) drops him into a nanosecond-long gap in time" story. And afterward Clark fucks up the timeline so well that baby-Kal dies in Krypton, which results in (magic!) Mr. Majestic being dropped into Metropolis, and Superman appearing in the Wildstorm universe.

For some reason, everybody in both universes is confused by that. Except possibly Majestros, who is basically Kal, with Bruce's brain, as raised by a Paradise Island in full war mode.

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