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You've got to hand it to Stargate Atlantis

Very few other shows would have a barely teenage bona fide princess have a verbal slapfight with the genius middle-aged sidekick guy over whether or not she'll get to marry the middle-aged action hero guy. I mean, they could, but not while genius middle-aged sidekick guy's body language screams "No way - he's *my* cuddlebunny!" in a very high-pitched voice.

Of course, said middle-aged action hero guy is known to express the same puzzlement in front of interesting or interested females than an octopus would show for an all-terrain bike (although he occasionally does interact with them, in the form of mumbling a few words while not looking at them, metaphorically pulling their ponytails, or complaining that he's big enough to stay awake watching tv, mom, and also he wants marshmallows please).

Also interesting and somewhat disturbing is the fact that this seems to make him more attractive to women, much to genius middle-aged sidekick guy's dismay.
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