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Bullet points

Frost/Nixon: Better than I thought it would be. (A note made mandatory by the movie's title and me being thirteen years old: you could write Frost/Nixon slash based on this movie. Yes, you could. I might even have a few ideas about that.)

Assuming that current legal symmetries render past historical asymmetries irrelevant: Wrong. Say what you want, but know that it means more than what you mean (which should be obvious to a writer!).

Outing fans: Wrong. Primum non nocere, people. It's not a difficult concept.

Order of the Stick: Really good.

Pi Day, 2009: Probably going to be really interesting!

Random note of Greater Depression daily trivia: Pro: Bought today a really comfy used office chair for about 20% of retail value. Con: It used to be my office chair, until we closed down the office and sold off the meager physical assets of my previous start-up.

Even more random the-tv-is-on-as-background question: (Some) actors have the ability to look intelligent and awesome. Why don't they use it during interviews? I realize part of it comes from the lack of scripting, photography, direction, etc, but I think they could do better.
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