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Fic: Pacem appellant (DCU AU, PG13)

I tried to end this differently, but that would have broken the rules. I guess it makes it less interesting, tough, so this is probably a failed fic.

Title: Pacem appellant
Rating: PG13
Fandom: DCU AU
Author Notes: How Final Crisis could have ended. I'm glad it won't.

Earth's heroes failed because they thought the Final Crisis was an event to be overcome, a critical juncture in time. Gods are outside time. Gods define time. Once Darkseid took over Earth, it had always been his.

There had always been a Kryptonian kid in Desaad's sunless Laboratories of Despair. Atlanteans had waited for centuries for a Lost King that was killed at birth. In the millenia-old ruins of an empty paradise, unreadable inscriptions spoke of a Goddess of Truth born of Gaea. They are false.

There had never been any chance. There would never be. All of reality bent to Darkseid's will, and his will was relentless.


And beyond.

Tags: dcu, failed fic, fic
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