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In four letters words: Cool Shit / Fuck This Noise

Fandom: Cool Shit: Fandom. Fuck This Noise: Fans outing fans. Does anybody have details?

Air #6: Cool Shit: Amelia Earhart. Hyperpraxis. (Actually, it looks similar to some of the tech in Planetary.) Lost countries. Fuck This Noise: Aztecs? Really?

Faces Of Evil Deathstroke #1: Cool Shit: Nobody fucks with the Wilsons except the Wilsons. Fuck This Noise: They are making Slade crazier with every arc. I wonder if it could be back-explained as a side effect of his healing factor?

Trinity #34: Cool Shit: I'll get back to you on that one. Fuck This Noise: DC's idea that the best way to read their often-awful storylines is by turning them into religious tales. No, they aren't that significant. But that's ok.
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